Musician’s Guide On Booking Yourself

ebook  I will be releasing my new E-Book for download very soon.  This e-book is a guide on how to book gigs for yourself.  This 10 step guide will show you exactly what I did to book local shows in my city.  These principals are diamonds of truth and will get you working in the music business.  Tons of useful resources and strategies will be outlined throughout this e-book, as well as tips on how to perform on stage.  If you’re a musician and want to start making money playing music, this guide is for you.  Even if you are already working, but want to increase your music business then this is for you.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel, as I am pairing this course with 10 video lessons.  These lessons are a summary of each chapter of the e-book.  If you don’t want to buy the e-book when it comes out, then you can use the video lessons as your guide.  I mean after all, the videos are free.


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